Birds of a Shitfeather

Featuring: Andrew Brewer, Ben Rice, Eric Messier, Mike Goodwin, Nick Brewer, Greg Sudac, Brendan Gerard, Danny Buller, Maxwell Carl Scott, Sheldon Dailey, Paul Smith, Greyson Clifford, Charlie Deptula, Ozman, Kyle Hay, Ian Boll, Alan Parenteau, Scott Thompson, Stevie Meskill, Timmy York, Chris Sypert, Coose and the rest of the fools. Thank you to all who helped make this mess possible. Yobeat, Camtrol, Method Mag, Snowboard Colorado, the Almighty Wizard, Cal Neva, Cal Neva prime rib special, Randy Lahey, Diggles, Mark Dangler, The Mist, all the homies and anything/ anyone we forgot. follow the smoke toward the riff filled land


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