Burton US Open Qualifiers

February 1st-3rd, 2013 We were very excited to host the Burton US Open Qualifier this year and the riding didn’t disappoint! Competitors put together some insane runs through our unique slopestyle course in The Spot and absolutely sent our fresh 22′ Superpipe. Check out some of the action and make sure you get here for Saturday, February 8th’s opening of The Spot!

Men’s Slopestyle:

1. Grant Giller

2. Nikolas Baden

3. Seth Hill

Men’s Halfpipe Results:

1. Taylor Gold

2. Ben Ferguson

3. Jake Pates

Women’s Slopestyle:

1. Karly Shorr

2. Erika Vikander

3. Danika Duffy

Women’s Halfpipe:

1. Summer Fenton

2. Kirby Kelly

3. Serena Shaw

For full results and more information visit ride7springs.com

Filmed by Ian Macy & Chris Petricko

Edited by Ian Macy


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