How to Backside Rodeo.

Ian Smith Back-side Rodeo 540 – 900.

The backside rodeo is one of the coolest tricks in snowboarding. It is a banger trick that gets a lot of ooo’s and ahhh’s, and can be fairly simple to throw.

First you must be able to do a back flip, and a backside 180. Being comfortable with going inverted crucial for the back-side rodeo! It is also very important to be comfortable with spinning back-side and landing switch.

Patience in the air is everything with this trick. Approaching the jump, have confidence with your speed and the size of the jump. Be careful not to hook your heel edge off of the take off. Apply pressure on your toes riding into the take off, and roll off your heel side edge through the lip of the jump. The back-side rodeo 540 is more of a barrel roll backside 180 than anything.

It is easy to pop too much off the take off. Instead, roll off your heels into a barrel roll back flip. Grab melon with your front hand and look slightly over your back shoulder. Lead the flip with your back arm. As you come around to 270 you will see the landing. From here you will be able to lay the flip out accordingly, and focus on landing switch. Complete the back-side spin by bringing your knees up toward your chest and prepare for the landing. Stick your toe edge in on the landing and ride away switch.

Now that you have the back-side rodeo 540 down, add a spin into it. The back-side rodeo 720 and 900 is a totally different rotation. First know how to do backside 720’s, 900’s, and rodeo 540’s.

The biggest problem that most people have with this trick is the spin flip ratio. People tend to flip more than spin, which makes it hard to bring your rotation around.

Again, Patience is crucial. Approaching the jump, apply pressure on your toes and take off of your toe-side edge, rather than heel side. Spin as though you are doing a back-side 720 rather than a back flip. As you take off the lip of the jump, spin backside 720 but drop your back shoulder down towards your butt. When learning this trick it is easiest to grab Indy, with your back arm, the same shoulder you are dropping.

The take off will affect everything. Once airborne you will spot the landing at 360, when your body is horizontal with the landing. The axis your spinning on will return you to your feet at 720. At 360 you can slightly speed up or slow down your rotation. Hold on to your grab rotating through 540, then open up for the landing as you come around to 720. If you set the spin right you will be able to land at 720, or push it a little further, and spin around to 900. This axis is easy to spin fast on so be careful and have patience when setting your rotation. Now go get it down switch, and you will be blowing minds!

Snowboard Colorado Magazine A Day In The Lane Bonus footage: This is another little video of the NowSnowboarding crew having a fun day in Park Lane at Breckenridge. Look out for the backside rodeo 9 among other radical moves.


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