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Home Town: Evergreen, CO

Stance: Regular

Alias: EO:DUBS, snubs!!!, Monkey Biz, Smitty.

Sponsors: CandyGrind, FD Wear, Tranzaxion Boards, Big Hit, Lightpole.

Snowboarder Magazine hosts Superpark 16 at Mt. Bachelor. www.NowSnowboarding.com ‘s own, Ian Smith, goes big!

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Wow thats a heavy question, I suppose it’s my pursuit to happiness. I am drawn to adventure, and to me snowboarding is the ultimate adventure. What is snowboarding to me? It is my get away, it’s my personality, my passion, Snowboarding is our life style.

Ian Smith 2011

Favorite cartoon? Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo, as a classic, and South Park as a new cartoon.

Favorite quote? I have a few to live by. “Part of being sane is to be a little crazy,” “Death is universal, everything dies but not everything truly lives”

Ian Smith 2010

Tell us one story about what inspires you?

Just one story eh? Man I feel inspiration from my peers every day, there are so many amazing people I am fortunate enough to encounter on a daily that give me inspiration. I think thats what drove Now Snowboarding from the beginning. The whole Crew inspires me to live, especially Mark and Colin, who continue to get better every day we ride. One story comes to mind; both my older brothers were also born shredders. Eric stared in this snowboard flick called Libido, “It was the movie 1 year before Brent’s upside down board-slide,” Eric had opening segment and the video was a classic. I remember helping him get the shots and seeing him do some things I had never seen before that were ahead of his time. Eric made me want to take snowboarding to the next level, and Scott always pushed me to better myself.

Ian Smith 2009

Other Hobbies?

Oh yeah, I try anything. I tried to do every summer sport possible this summer and got: Skateboard, Snowboard, Surf, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, wakeboard, diving, snorkeling, go-carting, golf, poker, rollerskating, Digglering! basketball, 4 wheeling, 14er hiking, long boarding, and this game we call CRUD. There are still a lot I need to check off but it was a great summer.


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