Logmasters 2013

¬†brings you¬†highlights from the Breck and Frisco crew at the March 9th, 2013 Logmasters competition in Beaver, Creek. There were many other tricks landed by these guys but these are only the highlights. Sponsors include: Tree Line MMC, PBR…….many more so let me know and I will update Music: Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire – Vidalia Video by: Nathan Minatta of Skeptic Productions facebook.com/skepticproductions For those unfamiliar, Logmasters is an annual log jibbing competition in Beaver Creek, CO. Set up similar to a game of golf, riders are given 3 attempts at 18 different jibbs throughout the day. The fewer tries it takes you to complete the full log the lower your score is. Extra strokes are taken off for boardslides and switch completions. Lowest score at the end of the day wins the green jacket at the title of Logmaster


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