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PASSOLO-G 2012 A Snowboarding Movie!!! Snowboarding during the summer on the Oberalppass. Some really good sessions were going on. Snowboarding by Rob Imfeld, Mario Feltscher,Salvi Peluso, Joelle “JJ” Juchli, Joos & Andri Caviezel, Andre Britschgi, Lukas “Blume” Rösli, Sandro Büttel, Päde Camenzind, Marc Bührer and Friends . This was the 20th Season for me. I do not measure myself with the young riders. But just cruising around, switch or forward! But it’s all about your own style. Do not take snowboarding too seriously, it’s just snowboarding. Thanks to everybody how support me and my work behind the camera. Wathc the Next Part Salvi Peluso is: Steez, passion, a veteran, and Papa park! He’s just snowboarding! Most see him with Mario. I like to ride with snowboarders who take each tranny, and shred everything somehow. Mario is just snowboarding! Snowboarders are: Salvi Peluso aka PAPA SALVI & Mario Feltscher Be motivated, and snowboarding is one thing. Have fun and be creative is one more thing! Rob is everything. Just snowboarding. Marc is a young rider. A good friend and contemporary to go snowboarding. Flo surfed a few times, over the tube too. Snowboarders are: Rob Imfeld, Marc Bührer and Florian Arnold Blumeedit 2012


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