The Road to Mt.Baker

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Now Snowboarding took a road trip with Stept Productions on a quest for powder. There was no better destination than Mt.Baker Washington. This March was a record breaking month with 260 inches. It’s always snowing somewhere you just have to go find it! After a 22 hour drive through the night we arrive at Snoqualmie pass to find out its closed until the afternoon for avalanche control. On the same day, we hear news that the largest avalanche recorded in the Mt.Baker area was triggered just out of bounds. The, 20+foot, crown could almost be seen from Bellingham. “This slide is reported as the largest ever witnessed in the area by the General Manager…who has been there for over 40 years and who is closing the area to prevent any accidents involving “sidecountry” exposure to the developing extreme danger.” We got over the pass and made our home in Bellingham Washington for the next week. Located along the coast and about an hour from Mt. Baker ski resort. The four shredders made home in this Yert, which was everything we could ask  for. The crew rather enjoyed the Yert life. I’m not sure if anyone expected to see this much snow. We had never seen anything like it. On the drive up the mountain there were snow banks towering up to 30 feet high. The snow had stabilized which made for all time conditions. We made our way up the Mountain and had the most epic runs of our season.  Arriving at Mt. Baker, Mark Hoyt and Ian Smith met up with Colin Spencer, Madison Ellsworth, and Seth Hill, for a few soul shred laps and faceshots! Mt. Baker was the most amazing resort we have been to. There is endless amounts of extreme terrain and bottomless snow conditions on the regular. One of the days we were graced a break in the clouds. Our eyes were open to actually see all the surrounding mountains, it gave us a huge sense of respect for this area. We took this opportunity to get after building some jumps and getting shots. The shot below is Mark sending a double backflip. Look for all the shots from this journey to the PNW in this seasons STEPT PRODUCTIONS movie. This was a trip of a lifetime, yet it was an average week for the Pacific North-West. Along the way we met a lot of great people and got our powder hound fix for the season. So go get out there and explore the world. There are so many great places to snowboard and Mt. Baker is exceptionally amazing!!! STAY TUNED for video on this story…  


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