Trick Tip Tour 2012 – #8 Dachstein, Austria

Come learn a new trick with Elan Snowboards coming to you from,¬†Dachstein, Austria. “Great location, great weather, great spot and even greater friends. What else can we say about the Elan Snowboards Trick Tip Tour stop at the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein. The ELAN invasion Already on Friday, a blue sky and sweet sunshine welcomed the ELAN team riders, who followed the invitation to take part in this massive season end session in the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein. Literally on board were Matevz Pristavec, Adrian Krainer, Conny Bleicher, Urska Pribosic, Eric Harc, Rudi Janda, Ziga Erlac, Anja Stefan and of course tour organizer Dejan Hodzic. From the beginning, the riders were deeply stoked about the amazing park setup and started ripping off the rails, boxes and kickers. High-Octane Sessions at the Shooting On Saturday then it was time for the public photo shooting. Shredheads from near and far came to rock the park together with the ELAN Snowboards crew and took the unique chance to test the latest ELAN Snowboards products. The pro riders showed themselves impressed by the high riding level in the park and enjoyed the shooting session together. As the weather was still good on Sunday, the ELAN crew used the day to capture some more footage along the various lines in the Horsefeathers Superpark. Thanks to everyone for a perfect time.” Music: Foster The People – Houdini Filming and editing : Matej Gostincar


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